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Published: 26th January 2012
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Nautica Watches were established in the year 1994 by David Chu and ever since then they are known for their free-spirited, urban and sporty designs. The company operated since 1983 but they were known for their sailing jackets and other such equipments before launching into the dynamic business of watch-making. The word Nautica is derived from the Latin word ‘Nauticus’ which means inspiration from the sea. Nautica timepieces are athletic and bold, yet classy and elegant. In all these years they have come up with many innovative and creative designs and series that have created a revolution in the world of watch-making.

Nautica Watches are known for using the latest technology which is at their disposal to come up with the most distinct and unique timepieces. Most of their designs have a strong and bold look with features such that they are very useful for sporty and outdoor activities. Special collections are launched for those who do not require such outdoor-themed wristwatches. Nautica Watches are used as official timekeepers for number of events in the world which proves their accuracy and efficiency.

Nautica Watches are divided in a number of striking and alluring collections. Some of them include Box Set Watches, Eclipse Watches, Meteor Chronograph Watches, Yachting Chrono Watches, Ocean Watches, Sport Ring Watches, Wind Seeker Watches, Diver Flag Watches and many more which are equally captivating. These timepieces can be used for many outdoor and sporty activities like yachting, scuba diving, mountain climbing etc. They are definitely very handy and useful yet trendy and admirable.

Nautica Watches for men are very attractive due to their bold and stunning designs and use of state-of-the-art technology. Their timepieces are very long lasting and pleasing to the eye. The Nautica N16533G Sport Men’s watch is the most ultimate example because it is a bestseller. The band is made of resin and the dial is round and black in colour. The look and design of this watch is very masculine and splendid. The timepiece has several features like Japanese quartz, analogue display, calendar, water resistance and a chronograph function. The other Nautica wristwatches are equally marvellous and magnificent, durable and alluring.

Nautica Watches for women are very dazzling and grand. They are designed with utmost precision and crafted with innovative and charming styles. The Nautica N15507M BFD 101 Womens watch is a one of a kind masterpiece. The band is made of leather and the dial is pink in colour which gives the watch a classic, chic and sleek look. The watch also has multiple facets like water resistance, mineral crystals, calendar, chronograph functions, and silver tone hands etc which add to elegance of the radiant watch. The other Nautica Watches are equally smart, stylish and durable.

Nautica Watches are considered extremely top notch today. In the last many years, they have produced timepieces with great endurance and finesse. Their expertise in time-keeping is one to be admired along with their variation in style. All Nautica Watches come with the most affordable price which adds to their charm.

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