Citizen Watches - Soar in Style with the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Series!

Published: 24th January 2012
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Men have always admired the personalities and styles flaunted by pilots and aviators. Women have been absolutely crazy about the suave persona signified by the pilots! Be it their gadgets, their clothes, their sunglasses or their time gear, pilots love experimenting like their enticing profession! Keeping this celebrated trend of pilots in mind, Citizen Eco-Drive Watches has innovated a customized series of time gear primarily for the aviators!

Citizen Eco-drive Skyhawk Series were initially launched only for the pilots. Flanked by smooth sheen and textures with the best aviating time tools and features, Skyhawk Series from Citizen Watches are absolutely awesome!

Citizen Skyhawk Series is endowed with Atomic Time keeping with Radio Controlled Accuracy. Accurate Radio signals are received both automatically and on-demand by the Skyhawk Timepieces. This feature omits the need of adjusting time when travelling to different time zones. The watch automatically synchronizes itself with the time zone with the help of radio frequency. These radio frequencies are easily available in America, Japan & Europe.

Citizen Skyhawk Series is highly popular amongst men endowing to its cool looks and meticulous features & technology. The Citizen Skyhawk Series sports tough and robust exteriors with functional excellence. Citizen Watches are known for innovating precision and accuracy in every timepiece and continue to follow this legacy with the Skyhawk Series as well!

The Third Gen Citizen Skyhawk Series possesses few exclusive features making these series a class apart the rest. The new Skyhawk Series timepieces have features like better water resistant quality up to 600-700 ft., Dual Alarm system; World Time feature over 43 major cities worldwide, LCD Backlight for better display in dark and a 99 Minute countdown timer. Also integrated is the Perpetual Calendar feature that is quite a rage these days.

Citizen Skyhawk Watches are a compact flight computer in itself! These watches have an interesting slide rule Bezel that is an inspiration from the E6B flight Computers. This precision slide rule bezel enables easy and precise calculations that are helpful in calculating the distance travelled, fuel consumption, etc.

Citizen Watches invented the revolutionary Eco-Drive Technology that has taken the watch making industry by storm. This technology completely discards the need of frequent battery replacements and even a battery. Eco-Drive Watches have solar panels that enable the working of these watches. The solar panels in the Citizen Eco-Drive Watches absorb light and heat from the sun and convert the same into energy to empower the watch’s working.

Even artificial light can be used in the same manner for the power. This technology makes Citizen Watches truly eco-friendly in the distressing times of global warming and other ecological hindrances. Citizen Eco-Drive Watches run solely on light energy and need no external electrical power. This technology integrated in the Skyhawk Series adds a distinctively impressive dimension to the timepiece.

You need not be a pilot or an aviator to flaunt a Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Series on your wrist! If you are an adventure enthusiast and enjoy flashing aviation adventure and style on your wrists, then Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Series will definitely personify the real you! Great for travellers and watch connoisseurs, Citizen Watches have invented a technological wonder once again with its Skyhawk Series! Strap on a Citizen Watch that not only personifies style but also your unique personality!

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